Traffic Rider 2 Achievement and Leaderboard – Complete List

Traffic Rider 2 is an exciting game that has overtaken the world. It is a motorcycle racing game that allows players to ride through various environments while dodging traffic and collecting coins. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS, and has been downloaded millions of times.

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List of Traffic Rider 2 Achievements

Traffic Rider 2 Apk is an exciting motorcycle racing game with an achievement system to keep players engaged and motivated. The achievements system allows players to unlock rewards such as XP points and new motorcycles by completing various tasks in the game. Here is a list of Traffic Rider 2 achievements and their descriptions    Achievements                       Task     XP Points
1Professional SpeederReach 20,000 meters in a single run10,000
2Getting StartedFinish First Zone 1000
3Bike Collector Collect 5 motorcycles 10,000
4Dirty Player Crash 100 enemy bikes10,000
5Adrenaline Junkie Accumulate 100 near misses10,000

Professional Speeder

This achievement is for the speed demons out there. To unlock it, you need to reach a distance of 20,000 meters in a single run. This will require you to maintain a high speed and avoid crashing for an extended period. You will receive 10,000 XP points if you accomplish this feat.

Getting Started

This is the first achievement that you will unlock in the game. To get it, all you need to do is complete the game’s first zone. This will give you a taste of what Traffic Rider 2 offers and earn you 1000 XP points.

Bike Collector

If you’re a fan of collecting things, then this achievement is for you. You need to collect five different motorcycles throughout the game to unlock them. Each motorcycle has its own unique handling and speed, so collecting them all will give you plenty of options. When you collect your fifth motorcycle, you will receive 10,000 XP points.


Dirty Player

If you’re feeling aggressive, this achievement is right up your alley. To unlock it, you need to crash into 100 enemy bikes throughout the game. This may sound like a lot, but you can take down multiple enemies in a single run if you’re a skilled rider. Once you reach 100 enemy bike crashes, you will receive 10,000 XP points.

Adrenaline Junkie

This achievement is for those who enjoy living life on the edge. To unlock it, you need to accumulate 100 near misses throughout the game. This means you must avoid narrowly crashing into other vehicles or obstacles. If you manage to rack up 100 near misses, you will receive 10,000 XP points.

traffic rider 2 crash

The achievements system in Traffic Rider 2 is a great way to keep players engaged and motivated. By completing various tasks in the game, players can unlock rewards and progress through the game. So, whether you’re a speed demon or a collector, there’s an achievement for everyone in Traffic Rider 2.

List of Leaderboard

Leaderboards are a popular feature in many games and applications, and they serve as a way for users to compete against each other and track their progress. A leaderboard is a ranking system that displays the scores or achievements of the top players in a particular game or activity.                        Leaderboard Modes              Top Score
1Best Distance987,654,321
2Race 127.13
3Race 21:58.97
4Race 32:41.5
5Race 43:00.7
6Race 52:38.4

To access the Leaderboard in this game, users must navigate to the designated tab or section. Once there, they can view a list of the available leaderboards. Currently, there are six leaderboards available in traffic rider 2, each corresponding to a different race or challenge. These include:

  • Best Distance: This Leaderboard tracks the longest distance traveled by each player. The top score currently stands at an impressive 987,654,321 units.
  • Race 1: This Leaderboard displays the fastest completion time for the first race. The current top score is 27.13 seconds.
  • Race 2: The Leaderboard for the second race shows the fastest completion time, which currently stands at 1 minute and 58.97 seconds.
  • Race 3: The third race leaderboard displays the fastest completion time, which is currently 2 minutes and 41.5 seconds.
  • Race 4: This Leaderboard tracks the fastest completion time for the fourth race, which currently stands at 3 minutes and 0.7 seconds.
  • Race 5: Finally, the fifth race leaderboard displays the fastest completion time, which is currently 2 minutes and 38.4 seconds.

In summary, leaderboards are a great way to encourage friendly competition and motivate users to improve their skills and performance in a particular game or activity. With six different leaderboards available in traffic rider 2, players have plenty of opportunities to showcase their abilities and aim for the top spot.

Importance of Achievements and Leaderboard

Achievements and Leaderboard are essential features of Traffic Rider 2. Achievements are a way for players to earn rewards and recognition for completing specific tasks within the game. They can range from simple tasks like collecting a certain number of coins to more challenging ones like completing a level within a particular time frame.

On the other hand, Leaderboard is a feature that displays players’ rankings based on their scores. It is an excellent way for players to compare their performance with that of others and strive to climb up the ranks.

One of the reasons why achievements and Leaderboard are essential in Traffic Rider 2 is that they motivate players. The game becomes more engaging and enjoyable when players have a goal to work towards. Achievements, in particular, give players a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when they complete a task.

Tips to Achieve Higher Scores in Traffic Rider 2

Traffic Rider 2 is a popular racing game that offers a thrilling experience to players who love speed and adrenaline. If you want higher scores in Traffic Rider 2, you need the right skills and strategies to maneuver through the game. We will provide you with some tips to help you achieve higher scores in Traffic Rider 2.

Choosing the Right Bike

The first step towards achieving a high score in Traffic Rider 2 is choosing the right bike. Each bike in the game has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you need to select the one that suits your style of play. For instance, if you prefer speed, you may opt for a sports bike; if you prefer stability, you may go for a cruiser. Additionally, you should upgrade your bike with the latest parts and accessories to improve its performance.


Mastering the Controls

To achieve a high score in Traffic Rider 2, you need to master the controls. The game offers various control options, including touch, tilt, and gamepad controls. You should select the control option that you are most comfortable with and practice until you can control your bike effortlessly.

traffic rider 2 controls

Timing and Positioning on the Road

Timing and positioning on the road are critical factors that determine your score in Traffic Rider 2. You should maintain a high speed and position your bike correctly to overtake other vehicles and avoid obstacles. Additionally, you should anticipate and avoid collisions with other vehicles to avoid losing points.

traffic rider 2 gameplay

Using Power-Ups and Combos

Power-ups and combos are essential tools for achieving a high score in Traffic Rider 2. You can earn power-ups by collecting coins, which can help you increase your speed, score, and nitro levels. Conversely, combos are earned by performing stunts, and they can multiply your score by up to 5 times. You should use power-ups and combos strategically to maximize your score.

Taking Advantage of Shortcuts

Finally, you can achieve a high score in Traffic Rider 2 by taking advantage of shortcuts. Shortcuts are hidden routes that can help you to bypass traffic and obstacles and reach your destination faster. You should look out for these shortcuts and use them to your advantage.

Achieving a high score in Traffic Rider 2 requires a combination of skills, strategies, and practice. By choosing the right bike, mastering the controls, timing, and positioning on the road, using power-ups and combos, and taking advantage of shortcuts, you can improve your scores and become a top player in the game.


Since its launch, Traffic Rider 2 has been a hit among racing game enthusiasts worldwide. Players have spent countless hours perfecting their skills and achieving high scores on the Leaderboard.

We encourage all players to strive for higher achievements and leaderboard rankings. Traffic Rider 2 has a lot to offer, and there is always room for improvement. Players can improve their scores and climb up the Leaderboard by practicing and honing their skills. Also, tell us your highest score or secret tip to score in the comment section

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