Guide of Traffic Rider Achievements and Leaderboard

In this article we will explore the traffic rider achievements and leaderboard. Traffic Rider is a popular mobile game with immense popularity among gamers worldwide. This thrilling game requires the player to ride a motorbike through busy streets while dodging traffic and completing challenging missions. One of the core elements of Traffic Rider is achieving various milestones and completing specific tasks that unlock new features and abilities in the game. But we also got Traffic Rider Mod Apk for you that has all features unlocked.

In the context of Traffic Rider, achievements refer to specific goals or objectives the player must complete to progress in the game. Achievements can be in the form of completing a certain number of levels, reaching a specific score threshold, or collecting a certain number of in-game items. These milestones are essential in providing players with an incentive to continue playing the game and improving their skills.

List of Traffic Rider Achievements Achievements  Task XP Points
1Flogging It Reach 180 km/h speed1000
2Thirteen Overtake 13 cars in single run500 
3Gag itReach 120 km/h speed500 
4ResurrectorContinue 3 times500 
5Eat Asphalt Crash over 100 km/h500 
6Crack it Reach 250 km/h 1500
7Flying Low Reach 300 km/h 2000 
8PoserRide 25 km in single run500
9The BackyardRide 50 km in single run1000
10SweeperRide 100 km in single run1500
11No Fuel LeftRide 200 km in single run2000
12Broken WingsCrash Over 200 km/h1000 
13Road RashCrash Over 300 km/h1500
14Ape HangerOwn bike: HD FXT1000
15Rice Rocket Own bike: FX 10S2000
16Pasta RocketOwn bike: DCT 8910H3000
17Pucker FactorOvertake 25 cars in single run1000
18Stitch the lineOvertake 50 cars in single run1500
19Rippin’ it upOvertake 100 cars in single run2000
20Ride CaptainOvertake 200 cars in single run2500
21Bronze MedalScore 25000 in Endless or Time trial500
22Silver MedalScore 100000 in Endless or Time trial1000
23Gold MedalScore 250000 in Endless or Time trial2000
24Platinum MedalScore 500000 in Endless or Time trial5000
25Catwalker Do wheelie over 150 km/h for 30 sec in single run 1000
26Master CatwalkerDo wheelie over 150 km/h for 100 sec in single run 2000
27Life SaverContinue 40 times1000
28Angel WingsContinue 750 times2000
29Cash Collector Collect 5000 Cash 500
30Cash HolderCollect 50,000 Cash 1000
31Rick BikerCollect 500,000 Cash 2000
32Gold KeeperCollect 50 gold1000
33Treasure HunterCollect 500 gold2000
34Deadly PassOvertake 25 cars over 200 km/h in a single run1000
35Almost ThereOvertake 50 cars over 200 km/h in a single run2500
36The ImpossibleOvertake 100 cars over 200 km/h in a single run5000

In summary, achievements in Traffic Rider are critical elements that make the game more engaging and challenging. They provide a sense of accomplishment and incentivize players to keep playing, improving their skills and unlocking new features.

How to Unlock Achievements

Traffic Rider is an exciting mobile game involving motorcycle racing on busy city streets. One of the most satisfying aspects of playing the game is unlocking achievements. These achievements serve as milestones that players can strive towards and add a layer of challenge and excitement to the game. We will discuss tips on unlocking achievements in Traffic Rider.

Complete Missions

One of the easiest ways to unlock achievements in Traffic Rider is to complete missions. Missions are tasks that the game sets for you, such as driving a certain distance without crashing or overtaking a specific number of vehicles. By completing these missions, you will earn rewards and unlock achievements.

Reach High Speed

Another way to unlock achievements in Traffic Rider is to reach high speeds. The game has various speed-related achievements. To unlock these achievements, you must reach and maintain high speeds for a certain amount of time.

Collect Coins and Power-ups

Collecting coins and power-ups can also help you unlock achievements in Traffic Rider. By collecting coins, you can unlock new bikes and upgrades, which can help you achieve higher scores and complete missions. Power-ups such as nitro boosts can help you reach high speeds and perform stunts more easily, leading to unlocking achievements.

Play Everyday

Finally, playing Traffic Rider every day can help you unlock achievements. The game has daily login bonuses, which can give you extra coins or power-ups. Additionally, by playing every day, you will become more familiar with the game mechanics and improve your skills, which can help you achieve higher scores and complete more missions.

traffic rider daily bonus

In conclusion, unlocking achievements in Traffic Rider can be a fun and rewarding experience. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of unlocking achievements and enjoying the game to the fullest. So get out there, hit the streets, and see how many achievements you can unlock!

Importance of Achievements

Traffic Rider is a popular mobile game that has overtaken the world. This game is loved by many due to its exciting and challenging gameplay and impressive graphics and sound effects. One of the key features of Traffic Rider is the achievements system, which plays an important role in the game.

  • Firstly, achievements give players a sense of accomplishment. As players progress through the game, they unlock new achievements based on their performance. These achievements can be anything from completing a level in a certain amount of time to reaching a specific speed on a bike. Each time a player unlocks an achievement, they receive a notification, which gives them a sense of satisfaction and motivates them to keep playing the game.
  • Secondly, achievements give players a reason to play the game again and again. With a wide variety of achievements to unlock, players are constantly challenged to improve their skills and beat their personal bests. This creates a sense of competition within the game, as players strive to outdo each other and earn the highest number of achievements.
  • Thirdly, achievements can be used as a measure of progress. Players can view their achievements at any time, which allows them to see how far they have come and what they have accomplished in the game. This is especially useful for players who are looking to improve their skills, as they can see where they need to focus their efforts to unlock new achievements.
  • Finally, achievements can unlock additional content within the game. Some achievements are tied to in-game rewards, such as new bikes or tracks. This provides players with an additional incentive to play the game and work towards unlocking achievements.

Achievements play an important role in Traffic Rider. They give players a sense of accomplishment and a reason to keep playing the game, allow them to measure their progress, and unlock additional content. If you’re a Traffic Rider fan, take advantage of the achievements system and see how many achievements you can unlock!

Leaderboard Guide of Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider has a leaderboard system that allows you to compare your scores with other players worldwide. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the leaderboard in Traffic Rider and provide some tips for how to climb your way to the top.

First, it’s important to understand how the leaderboard works in Traffic Rider. When you start a race, your score is based on several factors, including speed, the number of near misses you make, and the distance you travel. The longer you stay alive and the more near misses you make, the higher your score will be. When you finish a race, your score is added to the global leaderboard, allowing you to compare your performance with other players worldwide.

List of Leaderboard Leaderboard ModesTop Score
1Endless – One Way8,949,920
2Endless – Two Way8,950,000
3Time Trial – One Way5,056,337
4Time Trial – Two Way4,081,873
5Max Distance2251.0
6Max Overtake Combo11,003

So how can you climb the leaderboard in Traffic Rider? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Focus on Staying Alive: The longer you stay alive, the higher your score will be. Avoid crashes and collisions with other vehicles, and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Make lots of Near Misses: When you pass close to other vehicles, you’ll earn bonus points. Try to make as many near misses as possible without putting yourself in danger.

Upgrade Your Bike: As you progress through the game, you’ll earn money that you can use to upgrade your bike. Upgrading your bike can give you an edge in races and help you climb the leaderboard more quickly.

Play Regularly: The more you play Traffic Rider, the better you’ll become at the game. Try to play and practice your skills periodically.

Watch other Players: Finally, you can learn a lot by watching other players on the leaderboard. Look at their techniques and try to apply them to your game.


Traffic Rider is a popular motorcycle racing game that challenges players to navigate through traffic while collecting coins, completing missions, and achieving various milestones. In conclusion, Traffic Rider is a challenging and exciting game that allows players to achieve various milestones and accomplishments. With dedication, practice, and skill, players can achieve their desired level of success and become the ultimate traffic rider.

Frequently Asked Question

What are XP Points in Traffic Rider? How are they measured?

One of the most important aspects of the game is the XP points. We’ll take a closer look at XP points, how they are measured, and how they can impact your game experience.

XP points, short for “Experience Points,” are essentially a measure of your progress and skill level in Traffic Rider. As you play the game and complete various tasks, such as completing levels, performing stunts, and avoiding obstacles, you will earn XP points. The more tasks you complete and the better you perform, the more XP points you will earn.

So, how are XP points measured in Traffic Rider? The game has a simple system for tracking your progress. Each time you complete a level or perform a task, you will be awarded a certain number of XP points. The amount of XP points you earn depends on the difficulty of the level and the complexity of the task you completed.

As you accumulate XP points, you will progress through the game’s levels and unlock new bikes and levels. This means that XP points are essential for advancing the game and unlocking new content. Additionally, XP points can be used to upgrade your existing bikes and improve your performance on the road.

XP points are a crucial aspect of Traffic Rider. They measure your progress and skill level in the game and are essential for unlocking new content and upgrading your bikes. To improve your game experience and advance in Traffic Rider, focus on earning as many XP points as possible by completing tasks and performing stunts.

How to connect your traffic rider account with google play?

If you enjoy playing Traffic Rider on your mobile device, connect your account with Google Play to access additional features and benefits. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you connect your Traffic Rider account with Google Play:

πŸ‘‰ Open the Traffic Rider app on your mobile device.
πŸ‘‰ Once the app is open, click on the “Settings” icon on the main menu.
πŸ‘‰ In the settings menu, click on the “Google Play Sign-In” button.
πŸ‘‰ You’ll be prompted to do so if you still need to sign in to Google Play. Enter your Google Play username and password to sign in.
πŸ‘‰ After signing in, you’ll be asked to grant permission for Traffic Rider to access your Google Play account. Click “Allow” to grant permission.
πŸ‘‰ Once you’ve granted permission, your Traffic Rider account will be
connected to your Google Play account.

By connecting your Traffic Rider account with Google Play, you can unlock additional benefits, such as the ability to save your game progress and achievements across multiple devices. You can also earn in-game rewards and access exclusive content.

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