Traffic Rider Cheats for Android and iOS

Are you tired of grinding in Traffic Rider to earn enough money for upgrades and new bikes? You’re not alone! Many players struggle to earn money fast in the game, which can be frustrating. But don’t worry, there are some traffic rider cheats that you can use to earn money quickly and improve your overall gameplay experience. In this article, we’ll explore some effective ways to earn money fast in Traffic Rider, so you can enjoy the game without the stress of slow progress. So, buckle up, and let’s dive in!

Traffic Rider Cheat Mod Apk 

In order to get unlimited resources for the traffic rider. I would highly suggest you download the mod version of this game. In this version, all the in-game currency is set to unlimited which means you will get limitless money and gold. You can spend it on upgrading bikes or replaying the game as many times as possible. Every time you spend it, It will automatically refill all the coins and cash.

Traffic Rider Cheat Codes

  • rgXfDctWO4rYInU_g2
  • agOmOXCs3ATWoE9_RA
  • RGp4BZYHmZXiP27_jH
  • opeej41mc8eTC6e_Ae
  • VIDg0kzskHJHe7S_12
traffic rider mod apk unlimited money

These are the latest cheat codes for traffic rider that you can use to get the free money. There are some other interesting ways to collect fast money in the game. You have multiple ways to get it done.

How to Cheat Traffic Rider

Use Double Cash Feature

The double cash feature is a special power-up that doubles the amount of money you earn during a ride. This power-up is available for a limited time and can be activated by tapping the “double cash” button before starting a ride. The button is located at the bottom of the screen, next to the “start” button.

Using the double cash feature can significantly increase the amount of money you earn per ride, making it an effective way to earn money fast in Traffic Rider. However, the feature is not always available, and you’ll need to wait for it to recharge before using it again. The double cash feature is also available as an in-app purchase, which allows you to activate it anytime you want without waiting for it to recharge.

Increase the Traffic Velocity

This is an exciting feature that is given in the game. You can find it in the setting, in the setting you will find all the options like control, graphics, and traffic. A bar is given in front of it, just drag it to the right to increase the traffic velocity With the increased velocity, you will get more chances of near misses and dodging cars that highly reward the players. Use this cheat to earn more points.

Complete Achievements

Completing achievements in Traffic Rider can help you earn extra money and improve your overall score. Achievements involve completing specific goals, such as passing a certain number of vehicles or reaching a high speed. Focus on completing achievements to earn more money and improve your overall gameplay experience.

Drafting Technique

Drafting involves following closely behind other vehicles on the road to reduce air resistance and improve your bike’s performance. By drafting behind other vehicles, you can maintain a higher speed and ride longer, resulting in more money earned. However, be careful not to crash into the vehicle in front of you.

Choose the DayTime

Choosing the right time of day to ride in Traffic Rider can help you earn money faster. Try riding during rush hour or other high-traffic times, as you’ll have more vehicles to pass, resulting in more money earned.

Avoid Crashes

Crashing during a ride can reduce the amount of money earned. Try to avoid crashing as much as possible by riding carefully and staying focused. Avoid colliding with other vehicles on the road and maintain a safe distance between your bike and other objects.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I use cheat codes in traffic rider?

You cant directly apply these codes in the game. You have to find an online tool website that generates fake money for games. For example, search on Google “traffic rider money generator” and place these mentioned codes there along with the other information.

What these cheat codes would provide?

These cheat codes will add money and gold coins to your game account.

Are these the latest codes, Do they Work?

I update these codes weekly and they definitely work.


Earning money fast in Traffic Rider requires a combination of skill, strategy, and patience. By upgrading your bike, completing missions, collecting coins, avoiding crashes, watching ads, unlocking new bikes, and using in-app purchases, you can earn money quickly and improve your overall gameplay experience. Always play the game fairly and enjoyably, and avoid cheating or exploiting the game for unlimited money, as it ruins the experience for yourself and other players.

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