Comparision: Traffic Rider Vs Traffic Rider 2

Traffic Rider Vs Traffic Rider 2 These are popular mobile racing games that offer a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience. Traffic Rider was developed by Soner Kara and Traffic Rider 2 is developed by Tom Games. These games are known for their realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and challenging levels. However, if you want to win all challenges easily then install our traffic rider mod apk and traffic rider 2 mod apk

In Traffic Rider, players assume the role of a motorcyclist navigating through city streets and highways, trying to avoid traffic and obstacles while reaching high speeds. The game features multiple game modes, including career, endless, and time trial, each with its own set of challenges and objectives.

Additional Information on Traffic Rider

Versionv 1.95
Size141 MB
Required Android5.1 and up
UpdatedJan 10, 2023
DeveloperSoner Kara
Reviews8.28 M

Traffic Rider 2 builds upon the original game’s success with improved graphics, more detailed environments, and a wider variety of motorcycles to choose from. Players can now compete against other players in real-time multiplayer races, adding a new level of excitement and competition.

Additional Information of Traffic Rider 2

Versionv 2.1.15
Size110 MB
Required Android4.4 and up
UpdatedJan 29, 2023
DeveloperisTom Games

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a racing enthusiast, Traffic Rider and Traffic Rider 2 offer hours of entertainment and adrenaline-pumping action. With their intuitive controls, stunning graphics, and challenging gameplay, these games are a must-try for anyone looking for an immersive mobile gaming experience.

Gameplay Comparison: Which is Best?

Here’s an overview of the gameplay mechanics of two different games:

Traffic Rider

In Traffic Rider, the gameplay mechanics are centered around exploration and combat. The player controls a character who must navigate through various environments, using weapons and abilities to defeat enemies. The dynamic combat system requires the player to learn different attack patterns and enemy behaviors to succeed. The game also features a crafting system that allows players to create new weapons and items to aid in their journey.

traffic rider mode

Traffic Rider 2

In Traffic Rider 2, the gameplay mechanics are focused on strategy and decision-making. The player manages a virtual world and must make choices that impact the success or failure of their civilization. This involves resource management, diplomacy with other factions, and tactical combat when conflicts arise. The game features a robust technology tree, allowing players to research new advancements and unlock new options for their civilization.

traffic rider 2

Overall, the gameplay mechanics in both games offer unique challenges and experiences for players. Whether you prefer fast-paced combat or deep strategy, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Gameplay Comparison: Controls, Graphics, and Overall Experience

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two in terms of controls, graphics, and overall gameplay experience:


Rider 1 has a more complex control scheme, with various buttons and combinations required to perform different actions. This can be both a blessing and a curse – on the one hand, it allows for a lot of depth and complexity in gameplay, but on the other hand, it can be overwhelming for new players.

Rider 2, on the other hand, has a simpler control scheme, with fewer buttons and a more intuitive layout. This makes it easier to pick up and play for new players but can also be seen as limiting in terms of gameplay depth.


In terms of graphics, Game A is known for its realistic and detailed visuals, high-resolution textures, advanced lighting effects, and complex character models. This can make the game feel immersive and engaging but can also put a strain on hardware and slow down gameplay.

traffic rider 2 controls
traffic rider controls

Game B, on the other hand, has a more stylized and cartoonish visual style, with bright colors, exaggerated character designs, and simpler textures. This can make the game feel more lighthearted and fun but may also be seen as less immersive for some players.

Overall Experience

Overall, the two games offer quite different gameplay experiences. Game A is often seen as more challenging and complex, with a steep learning curve and a focus on mastery of different mechanics and systems. This can be very rewarding for players who enjoy a deep and nuanced gameplay experience but may be frustrating or overwhelming for others.

Game B is often seen as more accessible and approachable, with simpler mechanics and a more lighthearted tone. This can make it a great choice for casual players or those looking for a more relaxing gaming experience, but it may be seen as lacking in depth or a challenge for others.

In conclusion, the choice between Game A and Game B comes down to personal preference. Both games offer unique gameplay experiences, and it’s up to the player to decide which style of gameplay they prefer. Whether you prefer a more complex and challenging experience or a more accessible and lighthearted one, there’s a game for everyone.

Overview of the Game Modes

Traffic Rider and Traffic Rider 2 are two popular mobile games in the racing genre. While both games share a similar concept of racing a motorcycle through city traffic, they differ in terms of game modes. In Traffic Rider, players have access to a range of game modes that gradually unlock as they progress through the levels. The game modes include:

Career Mode: In this mode, players start with a basic bike and progress through a series of levels, unlocking new bikes and locations. The objective is to complete each level within a set time limit while avoiding crashes and earning points for performing stunts.

Endless Mode: In this mode, players can choose a bike and location and then race through an endless series of randomly generated traffic. The objective is to cover as much distance as possible without crashing while collecting coins and power-ups.

Time Trial Mode: In this mode, players must complete a course as quickly as possible while collecting coins and power-ups. In contrast, Traffic Rider 2 offers a more streamlined experience, with fewer game modes overall. The available modes are:

Endless Mode: Similar to the first game, players can choose a bike and location and then race through endless traffic. However, in Traffic Rider 2, the traffic patterns are more complex, and the game features weather effects like rain and fog that can affect visibility.

Comparison of the different game modes available in each game, including the number of levels, difficulty, and variety of gameplay👇

Traffic Rider offers a single-player game mode in which players race through city streets, highways, and other locations to complete different levels. There are 70 levels in the game, each with a unique challenge that players must overcome. As the game progresses, the difficulty level increases, and players must navigate through more complex routes with increasing traffic and obstacles.

Regarding the number of levels, Traffic Rider offers fewer levels than Traffic Rider 2. However, the levels in Traffic Rider are more challenging and require more skill and focus to complete. Traffic Rider 2 offers more levels and game modes, making it a more diverse and engaging player experience.

traffic rider 2 map
traffic rider maps

In conclusion, Traffic Rider and Traffic Rider 2 offer different game modes that cater to different types of players. Traffic Rider suits players who prefer a challenging and intense racing experience. At the same time, Traffic Rider 2 is more suitable for players who want a more diverse and engaging experience. Ultimately, the choice between the two games depends on individual preferences and playing styles.

Bikes and Customization

Regarding bikes and customization, both Traffic Rider and Traffic Rider 2 offer a range of options to players. In the first game, players can choose from a selection of 34 different bikes, each with unique specifications in speed, handling, and braking. These bikes range from smaller, more nimble models to larger, more powerful machines.

traffic rider 2 garage
traffic rider garage

In Traffic Rider 2, the selection of bikes is even more extensive. These include classic models like the Honda CBR and Yamaha R1 and more modern bikes like the Kawasaki Z1000 and the Suzuki GSX-S1000. In both games, players can also customize their bikes with a variety of different upgrades and accessories. These can include things like engine upgrades, new exhaust systems, and cosmetic changes like custom paint jobs and decals.

Overall, while both Traffic Rider and Traffic Rider 2 offer a good selection of bikes and customization options, the newer game offers a more extensive selection of models and upgrades, giving players even more ways to personalize their riding experience.

Comparison of the customization options available in both games, including the ability to upgrade bikes and customize their appearance👇

Bikes and Upgrades

Both Traffic Rider and Traffic Rider 2 allow players to choose from a range of bikes, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. In Traffic Rider, players can upgrade their bikes using in-game currency earned by completing races. Upgrades include engine, brake, and handling improvements, which can significantly affect the bike’s performance. However, upgrading the bike also increases its cost, making it more challenging to purchase better bikes later on.

Traffic Rider 2 takes a similar approach to upgrading bikes but with more detailed and nuanced upgrades. In addition to engine, brake, and handling upgrades, players can also improve the bike’s transmission, suspension, and tires. These upgrades provide a more realistic and engaging experience, allowing players to fine-tune their bikes for different races and challenges. However, as in the first game, upgrades can be expensive, and players will need to grind to earn enough currency to purchase them.

Customization Options

Customization is an essential aspect of both games, as it allows players to personalize their bikes and make them stand out from the crowd. In Traffic Rider, players can change the color of their bikes, add stickers and decals, and even change the style of the rider’s helmet. While these options are limited, they provide enough variety to allow players to create unique bikes.

In contrast, Traffic Rider 2 offers a much more extensive range of customization options. Players can change the color of individual bike parts, add various decals and stickers, and even choose the rider’s outfit. Moreover, the game features a wide selection of real-life motorcycle brands and models, each with unique customization options. This level of customization allows players to create highly personalized and unique bikes that match their preferences and play style.

Overview of the Soundtrack and Sound Effects

One important aspect of these games is the soundtrack and sound effects, which play a crucial role in enhancing the gameplay experience.

In terms of the soundtrack, Traffic Rider features a range of upbeat and adrenaline-pumping tracks that complement the fast-paced racing gameplay. The tracks are well-selected and provide an immersive experience for players. On the other hand, Traffic Rider 2 offers a more diverse soundtrack, featuring a variety of genres and styles to cater to different preferences. The tracks are carefully curated to match the game’s different racing modes and settings, from city streets to off-road tracks.

Regarding sound effects, both games offer realistic and engaging audio that captures the thrill of high-speed racing. In Traffic Rider, players can hear the engine revving, the wind rushing past, and the sound of tires screeching on the road. Similarly, Traffic Rider 2 offers realistic sound effects that bring the game’s various environments to life. From the sound of dirt and gravel crunching under the tires to the roar of the engine, players are fully immersed in the racing experience.

Overall, while both games offer an excellent soundtrack and sound effects, Traffic Rider 2 has a more diverse soundtrack and a wider range of sound effects to provide a more immersive experience for players. However, both games will keep players on the edge of their seats with their high-quality audio.

Comparison of the differences between the two games, including the quality and variety of music and sound effects👇

Starting with the original Traffic Rider, the game features a solid soundtrack with a mix of electronic and rock music that helps to build tension and keep players engaged. The sound effects, including the engine’s revving, the sound of the wind rushing by, and the screeching of brakes, are all well-crafted and add to the game’s realism. However, some players have noted that the soundtrack can become repetitive after a while.

Moving on to Traffic Rider 2, the game’s soundtrack is even better than its predecessor, with a wider variety of music styles. Players can choose between different music genres, such as rock, electronic, and hip-hop, giving the game a more personalized touch. The sound effects in Traffic Rider 2 are also excellent, with more attention paid to the details of the various sounds, making the player feel like they are actually on a motorcycle.

Exciting Multiplayer Modes

Traffic Rider and Traffic Rider 2 are popular motorcycle racing games offering different multiplayer modes for players to enjoy. Let’s closely examine the different multiplayer modes in each game and compare them.

Traffic Rider’s Multiplayer

In Traffic Rider, the multiplayer mode is called “Career Mode.” It allows players to race against other players and compete for the highest score. The game uses a leaderboard system to track the scores of all players, and you can see where you rank against others in real time. The Career Mode also allows you to participate in daily challenges and events, which can earn you additional rewards and prizes.

Traffic Rider 2’s Multiplayer

Traffic Rider 2 takes the multiplayer experience to the next level. It offers both online and offline multiplayer modes. The online mode lets you race against other players worldwide, while the offline mode lets you race against your friends locally. The game also offers a team play feature, where you can team up with other players to compete against other teams. Traffic Rider 2 also has a weekly tournament where players can compete for the top spot on the leaderboard and win in-game rewards.

My Thoughts:

Overall, Traffic Rider 2 offers a more comprehensive and engaging multiplayer experience than Traffic Rider. Adding online multiplayer and team play features in Traffic Rider 2 allows for more social interaction and competition among players. Traffic Rider’s Career Mode is still enjoyable but lacks the same depth and variety as Traffic Rider 2’s multiplayer modes.

In conclusion, both Traffic Rider and Traffic Rider 2 offer exciting multiplayer experiences, but Traffic Rider 2’s multiplayer modes provide more features and opportunities for players to compete against others. If you’re looking for a game with a robust multiplayer mode, Traffic Rider 2 is the clear winner.


After comparing Traffic Rider and Traffic Rider 2, it’s clear that both games have their own unique features and strengths.

Traffic Rider offers simple and straightforward gameplay, with a vast selection of bikes and a large number of levels. The graphics are impressive and realistic, making the game enjoyable to play. The only downside is that it can get repetitive after a while, and there are no new challenges or features to keep players engaged.

Traffic Rider 2, on the other hand, takes things up a notch with more challenging levels, new bikes, and a multiplayer mode. The game also features improved graphics, and the addition of new game modes, such as the police chase mode and the endless mode, adds variety to the gameplay. However, the game has a steeper learning curve, and players might need to purchase upgrades or watch ads.

In conclusion, both games have their pros and cons, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy simple gameplay with various bikes, then Traffic Rider is the game for you. However, if you’re looking for a more challenging and engaging experience with new features and modes, then Traffic Rider 2 is the better choice.

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